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Welcome to Kidz Jigz, we specialise in having fun and helping you create your very own Australian personalised puzzles.


Custom jigsaw puzzles inspire you to think creatively as you hand pick the perfect photos, assemble them onto the canvas, add your desired text and then boom! Your order is complete and your custom puzzles are ready to be made. We are an Australian owned/operated business and all our photo puzzles are made right here in Oz! Our team are passionate puzzlers and have expertise in the industry since 2013. Our kids puzzles range from 30 to 1000 pieces, allowing everyone to choose their own difficulty level. 


Choosing puzzles for kids can be a little tricky. We recommend that if the person is younger (or a first time puzzle maker) they should start with a smaller puzzle size, for example 30 to 300 pieces. If the person is a little older (or a regular puzzle maker) we recommend choosing a larger puzzle size, for example 500 to 1000 pieces


Some research has suggested that creating jigsaw puzzles can have many health benefits including; mental exercise, better visual-spatial reasoning, greater attention to detail, improve memory, increase your IQ, improve problem solving ability, improve creativity, increased productivity, better collaboration and teamwork.


If you thought a world of modern technology and tablets had made the traditional jigsaw puzzle obsolete, think again! Due to Covid-19 many of us focus on the smaller, more simple things in life now. Australian jigsaw puzzles are becoming a popular hobby and are bringing households together.


Kids personalised gifts are a sentimental unique gift idea for all occasions.

The most popular gift occasions for picture puzzles are: Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day and Father’s day. 


~ Spend hours of fun working together to create your design! ~


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