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CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER 1000 Piece Custom Puzzle – Vertical

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How to order:

  1. Select your puzzle product
  3. Click “Add image”
  4. Drag and drop image/s into the upload box
  5. Arrange and resize image/s onto the canvas *MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WHITE AREA AROUND THE IMAGE/S*
  6. Add your desired text
  7. Click “Add to cart” and proceed to check out

Manufacturer time frame: Please check our website homepage (under the top banner).

Manufacture location: Made in Oz.

Product Description

L E T ’ S   G E T   C R E A T I V E ! 


Welcome to Kidz Jigz, we specialise in having fun and helping you create your very own Australian personalised puzzles.


Kidz Jigz is an approved NSW Creative Kids Voucher provider. For a summary of our Creative Kids Voucher lesson plan options please click hereCustom jigsaw puzzles inspire you to think creatively as you hand pick the perfect photos, assemble them onto the canvas, add your desired text and then boom! Your order is complete and your custom puzzles are ready to be made. 


We are an Australian owned/operated business and all our photo puzzles are made right here in Oz! Our team are passionate puzzlers and have expertise in the industry since 2013. Our kids puzzles range from 30 to 1000 pieces, allowing everyone to choose their own difficulty level. 


Choosing puzzles for kids can be a little tricky. We recommend that if the person is younger (or a first time puzzle maker) they should start with a smaller puzzle size, for example 30 to 300 pieces. If the person is a little older (or a regular puzzle maker) we recommend choosing a larger puzzle size, for example 500 to 1000 pieces. 


Kids personalised gifts are a sentimental unique gift idea for all occasions. The most popular gift occasions for picture puzzles are: Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day and Father’s day. 


Spend hours of fun working together to create the creation you made!


H  A  P  P  Y     P  U  Z  Z  L  I  N  G



Minimum photo file size:

  • 30 -120 piece puzzles – Greater than 0.5MB
  • 200 piece puzzle – Greater than 1MB
  • 300- 500 piece puzzle – Greater than 1MB
  • 1000 piece puzzle – Greater than 1-2MB

Maximum photo size limit: 10MB

Cute safe zone: Please allow 4mm around the edge for the cut safe zone. Important objects should not be included in this zone

Compatible files: Jpeg or pdf

Shape: Rectangular

Material: 100% recycled specialty puzzle board

Packaging: High quality box with your photo image printed on the lid


Puzzle size range and image dimensions:

  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles – 76cm x 50.2cm (Image dimensions – 765mm x 510mm)
  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzles – 50.7cm x 40.3cm (Image dimensions – 514mm x 409mm)
  • 300 piece jigsaw puzzles – 51cm x 40.9cm (Image dimensions – 520mm x 415mm)
  • 200 piece jigsaw puzzles – 51cm x 25.5cm (Image dimensions – 520mm x 267mm)
  • 180 piece jigsaw puzzles – 40cm x 29cm (Image dimensions – 400mm x 290mm)
  • 120 piece jigsaw puzzles – 38cm x 26.7cm (A3) (Image dimensions – 380mm x 267mm)
  • 60 piece jigsaw puzzles – 34.5cm x 27cm (A3) (Image dimensions – 345mm x 270mm)
  • 30 piece jigsaw puzzles – 26.5cm x 18cm (A4) (Image dimensions – 265mm x 180mm)



Collages: If you have more than one image you would like to use then a collage jigsaw puzzle is a great option! Simply upload all your images to the canvas and arrange them however you like. You can resize the images by clicking on the top right hand corner of the image. Make sure you have no white gaps exposed otherwise this area will print white.   

Pre designed collages: Usually pre designed collages have a low resolution and are square in shape. Our puzzles are rectangle in shape, to fill the space a border is required to be placed around the outside.  


Small parts warning

Small parts: Warning this product contains small parts. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old as it could be a choking hazard. 

Adult supervision is recommended at all times.


NSW Creative Kids Voucher Program: 

Students that live in NSW aged between 4.5 to 18 years old are eligible for the Creative Kids Voucher $100 program. To apply for your free voucher please visit:  

Kidz Jigz Creative Lesson Plan

Once you have received your voucher you can purchase a Kidz Jigz Creative Lesson Plan.  

Activities, including: 

  • Visual Arts – Drawing, photography, painting, screen art, design and craft
  • Creative Industries – Game design and graphic design 

Participant fee: Within the Kidz Jigz creative kids voucher lesson plan there are 2 different program options. Each lesson plan option includes a personalised puzzle/s and shipment. The cost for each lesson plan 1 x Creative Kids Voucher valued at $100.

Lesson Plan description: The Kidz Jigz lesson plan has been designed to encourage children to participate in creating their very own custom jigsaw puzzle through the steps of planning, design and creation. Participants will enjoy opening their minds to create their own photos or artwork, transforming these digitally onto a website canvas, design the puzzle image (game design) and then construct the final puzzle they have designed. 

This online lesson plan is structured into a 2 week program. It may take some students longer depending on the puzzle size and the participants skill set. As the lesson plan is an online program there are many creative steps along the way. Students can choose to work on this program individually or within a group (friendship or family).  

Support: As this is an online program we offer online support. This is available during business hours Monday to Friday. For all support questions please email



*By selecting “Add to Cart” you agree to the below statement:

When using a Creative Kids Voucher, the child/participant must follow the instructions provided in the ‘lesson plan’ and develop the artwork/photograph specifically for the purpose of this program. Using a pre-existing photo/artwork, or one completed by the parent is not in alignment with the objectives of the Creative Kids program.

I confirm that all the images, names and other content added onto my design are correct and that I own all copyrights for them and have full authorisation to use them. I understand the colours of the printed product may be slightly different from what I see on my screen. I understand the approved design will be immediately processed without any manual checks by your team.

Additional information

Weight.8 kg
Dimensions26 × 25 × 9 cm

7 reviews for CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER 1000 Piece Custom Puzzle – Vertical

  1. Claire Abbott

    Amused us for hours great price & purchase

  2. Naomi Jackson

    We framed ours too GOOD!

  3. Chloe Walker

    Kept the whole family amused for weeks cheers

  4. Addison Guzman

    Winner fun times!! thx

  5. Stella Walters

    Recommend for every single Ozzy household, great product

  6. Violet Brock

    The 1000 piece puzzle was challenging but very rewarding, thx

  7. Zoey Parsons

    Well made 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

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