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NSW Creative Kids Voucher Program: 

Students that live in NSW aged between 4.5 to 18 years old are eligible for the Creative Kids FREE $100 Voucher.

To apply for your free voucher please visit Service NSW Government website.


Kidz Jigz Creative Workshop

Once you have received your voucher you can use it for our Kidz Jigz fun creative workshop!  


Package Option 1

2 x Small to Medium Custom Puzzle

1 x Creative Kids Voucher


Package Option 2

1 x Large Custom Puzzle

1 x Creative Kids Voucher


Download Workshop: Click here to download your Kidz Jigz Creative Workshop


Payment: At check out place your Creative Kids Voucher details and voucher number. No physical payment is required!


Workshop description: The Kidz Jigz creative workshop has been designed to encourage children to participate in creating their very own custom jigsaw puzzle through the steps of planning, design and creation. Participants will enjoy opening their minds to create their own photos or artwork, transforming these digitally onto a website canvas, design the puzzle image (game design) and then construct the final puzzle they have designed. 

This online workshop is structured into a 2 week program. It may take some students longer depending on the puzzle size and the participants skill set. As the workshop is an online program there are many creative steps along the way. Students can choose to work on this program individually or within a group (friendship or family).  


Activities include: 

Visual Arts – Drawing, photography, painting, screen art, design and craft

Creative Industries – Game design and graphic design 


Puzzle Size / Age Guide: Refer to the attached for a Puzzle Size / Age Guide


Support: As this is an online program we offer online support. This is available during business hours Monday to Friday. For all support questions please email hello@kidzjigz.com.au

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