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Creative Kids Voucher help improve kids development

Creativity in young ones is like the freest type of self-expression. When children take part in creative activities, it sparks their natural curiosity, triggering their exploration, discovery, as well as development journey. The NSW Creative Kids voucher offers a perfect opportunity for your young one to engage in free creative activities such as kids puzzle creation and making. 

Studies have found that creativity, along with art, helps kids’ well-rounded development. According to a report by Educational Nest and Educational Researcher, exposing kids to museums, galleries, educational zoos, and other cultural institutions can allow them to develop high cultural tolerance, better memory, historical empathy as well as stronger critical thinking. Therefore, in order to enable children to develop these skills, parents, counsellors, and educators must understand the impact of creativity on children’s development. 


Benefits of creativity in children’s development 

Based on scientific evidence and practical experience, creativity has been found to benefit children in the following ways.


Encourage imagination 

The famous mathematician and scientist Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. This quote means that, while knowledge is only limited to what we understand, imagination embraces the whole world and everything that ever will be to understand and know. When you cultivate your kid’s imagination, you allow them to inspire to grow their creativity, which will come in handy in all other areas of learning. Kids puzzles are a great way to encourage imagination as they design their own masterpiece and use their imagination to create the personalised puzzle their way. 


Develop eye and hand coordination 

Creativity activities, whether it’s kids puzzles, painting or drawing help develop motor skills in children. It also helps them nurture proprioceptive input, tactility, and deftness as well as allows your kid to learn how to compare and differentiate materials and colours.


Sensory development 

Young children understand their surroundings by taking bits of information from their senses. Creative activities can help your child develop his or her listening ability, observation skills, exploration skills as well as being able to recognise different types of smells and learn better about their world.


Physical development 

By taking part in creative activities, your kid can develop his or her physical side such as finger and hand strength. When they create different models, manipulate clay, use their hands and fingers to create marks, they develop their finger and hand strength. This is particularly important in the modern-day when most kids are exposed to mobile phones and televisions at an early age. Creative activities can also enhance your kid’s movement, spatial awareness, and balance. Puzzles for toddlers allow this physical development to strengthen as they use their hands to create the puzzle and move pieces into position. 


Enhanced concentration 

Creativity develops confidence in children and motivates them to explore other new activities and experiences, thus building the power of concentration and the zeal to learn more and develop ideas of their own. 


Develop a sense of logic

Humans are born with innate abilities to overcome challenges. And exposing your kids to creative activities as early as possible can help them expand their thinking ability, create patterns and learn how to solve problems. Creative activities offer a child a chance to fail first before they learn how to succeed by coming out with different solutions. Regardless of the type of activity you choose, creativity will help your kid sort, organise, and study information so that he or she can solve problems. A Creative Kids Voucher is the perfect way to improve this sense of logic. 


Social and emotional benefits 

Studies have found that creativity in children provides a positive platform to freely express their emotions. Exposing your kid to a range of creative materials will allow them to start very early to learn how to express themselves and as they get older, the skill will give them positive ways to socialise with other kids. Kids puzzles can be created individually or with the whole family, custom puzzles are a very good way to increase social skills as you work together to problem solve and create the puzzle.  


Boost communication skills 

Creativity also helps your kid build communication skills in a very fun way. When your kid plays with creative toys, they ask questions, talk to themselves or others about what they are doing, and this is how they build and develop their communication skills. It also helps them develop their vocabulary and expand their imagination. When creating kids personalised gifts it can help enhance the child’s communication skills as they need to work out the design and work together to create the product if they find it challenging putting it together. Use your Creative Kids Voucher today! 


Intellectual benefits 

Creative activities can help young kids learn to develop intellectual skills such as basic math, sorting, and measuring. Kids will come across geometry angles and shapes at a very young age by playing with different shape and size toys. Kids puzzles have many different shapes that connect together which helps develop intellectual skills. 

As we have mentioned elsewhere in this post, creative activity also involves a lot of concentration and problem solving as they learn how to take what they think and put it down on paper. 

But in order to develop this intellectual skill further, you need to increase the difficultness of the puzzles as the kids grow older. 


Creativity helps children understand their world 

Activities that foster creativity help youngsters understand and comprehend the concept of below and above, large and small, soft and hard, and dry and wet among other concepts. These activities can help them learn about their environment and enhance their situational awareness. 


How to enhance creativity in kids 

There are many ways in which you can help your kid increase their creativity in order to benefit fully from the aforementioned benefits. 


  1. Offer plenty of creative opportunities 

Young kids need lots of creative opportunities every day in order to learn. Start by offering them activities or toys that are based on their ideas and interests. Once you find the toys or activities that they like, be sure to offer them in wide ranges and experiences. 

If you don’t know what your kid is interested in or likes, give them time to figure it out by themselves. Let them explore the toys and materials so that they can guide them to pursue their unique ideas. 

The opportunities of creativity are endless with the personalised puzzles. 


  1. Encourage creative process 

Allow your kid to make his or her own choices but encourage her to put importance on the process rather than the final product. Children should be allowed to learn and discover things by themselves in order for them to develop. Show your support and appreciation in the creative process more than the finished work. 


  1. Foster creative play 

Creative play is perhaps the most effective form of creative activity for young kids. To express creative play, kids can use common materials in an imaginative way and engage in role-playing. Creative play not only encourages physical development through the development of motor skills and sensory exploration but also encourages the development of intellectual skills. Jigsaw puzzles can also be incorporated in creative play to improve their problem-solving skills as well as help relieve pressure and stress for youngsters.


Creativity in young ones is like the greatest form of self-expression. When children take part in creative activities, it sparks their natural curiosity, triggering their exploration, discovery, as well as development journey. The NSW Creative Kids voucher offers a perfect opportunity for your young one to engage in free creative activities such as kids puzzle creation and making. 


Use your voucher today!